My 10 Favorite Templates for Presentations


When you are preparing for your next client or project, your first thought is to make sure you send a compelling (and appealing) message to your audience. Aside from your content, there is another (simple) way to sell yourself - make it look good and make it look like quality! Chaotic and messy presentations can easily turn your audience away and not hear a word you are saying. How many times have you sat in front of a presentation that just looked awful? Next please...

When I presented my User Experience (UX) Design project in class at General Assembly, I used a Keynote template from Creative Market and my instructors raved about the appeal! There's nothing better than making your ish look GOOD. Here are some of my favorite presentation templates from awesome designers that you can use for your work!

01. Neue - Powerpoint


02. FYLORA - Powerpoint


03. Spectre - Powerpoint


04. Newington - Indesign


05. Ghost - Powerpoint


06. Primrose - Indesign


07. ASCHA - Powerpoint


08. Mayka - Powerpoint


09. Sate - Powerpoint


10. Juniper (brochure) - Indesign


have any favorites?

share below!