8 Clean Business Card Designs from Moo

If you are like me, I can be a stickler with how things look and feel for my users when it comes to designing (even me for that case). I have been through 3 business card designs and still have copies of each because I would change it up before I can finish the last stack. Most of the time it was because I just wasn't 100% sold on the design. I like simple, clean and modern designs that can be used in any setting or networking event. A universal design is important: something you can use casually and professionally. I picked out my 8 favorite business card designs from Moo that would look great with your new business or blog.

NoteMoo.com features the designs in pop-out form so I cannot provide a direct link, so be sure to search for them by the names given below:

Frame and Focus

Jules Hurtig

    Dot Luck

    I have this one :)

    Initially Speaking

    Meet n Greet

    See You Soon

    Simply Does It

    Vintage Typewriter