8 Ways to Use Adobe Illustrator to Better Your Business

If anyone were to ask me what my absolute favorite tool is to run my creative business, hands down Adobe Illustrator. I don't think I could work without. It's a nice medium across all design platforms. I can easily edit and create products that I could also create in Photoshop and Indesign.

What makes it better? It's all personal preference but I believe Illustrator is a little more user-friendly. With this tool, you can boost your visual appeal online in a matter of hours!

Here are 8 ways you can better your online space when it comes to your brand and business.

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When creating preview images for my products on Creative Market, I love using illustrator to keep a clean look across each image. It is easy to crop and edit images and create shadow effects to make digital products stand out in a mockup. This way you can create images that can be shared on Pinterest or other social media outlets.

Marketing Templates | Aylin Marie Designs

2 | Business Cards

Build a beautiful business card with the same typography and color palette you use for your website and brand board. This will allow you to maintain your cohesive style.

Business cards | 46&2 Collective

3 | Social Media Graphics

The best thing you can do for your brand and blog is to keep your graphics and color scheme cohesive. It creates a clean and professional look to your business. Adobe Illustrator makes it easy to create a custom palette of graphics in one file by using multiple "artboards". This way you can save the file as a template and update it as needed for new posts. Keep a consistent look of 6-8 different styles.

Instagram Bundle | Aylin Marie Designs

4 | Blog Post Templates

Similar to social media graphics, you would use your blog post graphics in the same way. Stick to a certain size whether they are horizontal, square, or vertical blocks. Keep a variety of styles that are cohesive in color and typography. 

Marketing Templates | Aylin Marie Designs

5 | Logos & Favicons

If you are learning to become a graphic designer, creating logos, objects and graphics are ideal in Illustrator. Create your own logo for your new freelancing portfolio.

Premade logo pack | Snipescientist

6 | Banners + Infographics

Compile data and products by creating your own infographics and banners.

Banner Template | AlfianBrand

7 | Moodboards

Compile your brand components into a single board to use in the future. You can use the eye-drop tool to easily apply your color palette in other layers and artboards.

8 | Personalized Stationary

Personally or professionally, you can create business cards, thank you cards, resumes and even wedding invitations. You can easily create stationary without the complexity of Indesign in a matter of minutes. Design your template, have it printed on paper and you are done! No need to spend money on having business cards made.

Custom wedding invitations for a client

What else do you use Illustrator for?

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