How to Choose the Right Color for Your Brand

Brand and color are linked in many ways and you will realize that picking your brand's color will be the most important (and challenging) design concept you will have. Think about popular brands you enjoy. What color is the Nike logo? What color is the Starbucks logo? You see how this worked? Your mind was able to connect a color to these strong brands. According to the Institute for Color Research (CCICOLOR), the average person makes a subconscious judgment about a product, person or environment within 90 seconds. About 2/3 of that judgment is based on color! 


Understanding Tone

Colors give your brand a feeling. Think about the feeling you want your brand to portray. Is it rejuvenating? Is it relaxing? Here are a few examples of colors and the tone they portray:


Soft, feminine, posh and youthful. 
Example: Hello Kitty


Bold, aggressive, loud and energetic. 
Example: Nike


Strong, corporate, masculine, and conservative.
Example: Chase Bank


Organic, outdoorsy, natural and environmental.
Example: Wholefoods


Sophisticated, sleek, minimal and powerful.
Example: Chanel


Rejuvenating, warm, youthful, and fun.
Example: Home Depot


Relaxing, neutral, inclusive, and friendly.
Example: Yahoo!


Can you see how color tones give a first impression? Brand's can feel and look completely different just by changing colors. 


Picking the Right Colors

First let's figure out what tone you want to set for your brand. Is it suppose to be fun like a camping retreat? Is it suppose to be relaxing like a yoga center? All these factors come into play as you select your color palette. Once you have found a few tones, as mentioned above, start searching for images that incorporate some of the colors that you want. Creating an inspiration board helps keep your thoughts organized. If you need help finding images, use my Design Color Palette board on Pinterest as a resource.

Once you have found a few images that you like, use a program like Adobe Color CC to bring in the image and auto-find your color palette.


What else do I use my color palette for?

Your color palette will also come into play as you create social media tools and website designs. The color palette you have associated with your brand should be used in your web design and marketing strategies so you can create a cohesive look. If your newsletter has a range of pink and purple font and links but your website is red and black - consumers won't subconsciously relate your social media marketing with your brand. It is very important for your audience to recognize your brand whether it is on Instagram or on Facebook.



Here are some great resources that allow you to create your own color palette:

Once you have created your palette, share them below!


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