Monday Inspiration: Earning Six-Figures in ONE Month


I think we can all say that we would love to make six-figures in one year. Even better, what about six-figures in one year as an entrepreneur? Well, Melyssa went ahead and killed both dreams.


She made six-figures in one month.


Are you kidding me?? Rewind. What am I doing with my life when there is THAT much opportunity to make money while doing something I love?

I have been following Melyssa Griffin for quite some time now (one of the first femmepreneurs that I stalked) and she has been a TRUE inspiration for me.

  • In November 2015, I took a part-time UX Design course at General Assembly to up my skillset.
  • In January 2016, I started my part-time freelancing gig in web design and branding.
  • In January 2017, I quit my accounting job to go full-time into design.

Melyssa - I want to thank you! Between her and Elle & Co's amazing advice for entrepreneurs, I went ahead and jumped on my own bandwagon. 

And no - this inspiration is not a paid marketing scheme. She's legit. And one of my FAVS. Why wouldn't I share her with the world? I'm not that selfish...


how does she do it?

She shares A LOT of tips and tricks to help you get started on your entrepreneur path. Doesn't matter what field you are in, there is always something you can take away from her blog. She has free webinars, ecourses and a Facebook community to help you build your brand. She went from teaching English in Tokyo making $30,000/yr to teaching herself how to run a $1 million dollar company. Sounds easy. And we know it's not. But if there is anyone we could learn from... it's her.


my three favorite takeaways from melyssa

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