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6 Free Downloads That Will Spice Up Your Office

Outside of your home, your office is really your predominant living space. Whether its in a corporate office or an at home office, there are ways to tweak up the indoor scenery with some simple, clean and minimal free resources. Here are some of my favorites. The creators of these creative freebies are linked directly. Check them out!

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Making the Most Out of Corporate Travel

Traveling for work isn't exciting as it sounds sometimes. It is nothing like leisure travel. Whether you're a consultant or flight attendant, life on the road can start to wear you out. You sleep in a hotel about 3-5 nights a week. You get fat from eating out every day. You forget how to cook. You start to pay rent for a place you barely sleep in. Oh and you blame traveling for being single because you're never in one place to even start a relationship. 

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