Online Tools to Better Your Business

Below are some tools that I use to maintain the backend work of my business to help it grow. Save this reference as you continue to build. Enjoy! Items are linked to be redirected to respective websites.

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MailChimp helps you send out emails and newsletters to your clients/audience simultaneously. There are other well-known applications out there like ConvertKit, but MailChimp is great for beginners (they have a free program). As you grow, you can upgrade your plan to start automating emails and create digital newsletter series. MailChimp integrates with many well-known online platforms like Squarespace and Wordpress.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports your website traffic. It is important to analyze your traffic and content to see what receives the most views. Once you start to see trends in your website, you can figure out what type of content generate the most views and money for your business.

FireShot Capture 37 - All Your Designs – Canva - https___www.canva.com_create-a-design.png


Finally, someone created a beautiful and free graphic design tool! Canva offers free access to a wide assortment of designs and tools that you can create for your social media accounts, newsletters, and website to make your brand look cohesive and clean!

FireShot Capture 38 - Small business invoicing, accounting and more—Wave - https___www.waveapps.com_.png


There are many accounting software programs you can use but I am a stickler for clean and simple user interfaces; especially with something so complex as money. With Wave, I can easily forward my receipts by email to my account to have it automatically upload into my transactions log. You can print out your financial statements in a click of a button! If you are ready to expand, this service also provides invoicing and payroll tools.



Buffer is an application that helps schedule and post content to your social media platforms to drive traffic and increase engagement. I’ve experimented with many different sites like Hootesuite but I ended up settling with Buffer for ease of use. The best part about Buffer is it will run an analytics report to see what times are the best for you to post based off of your past user engagement.



Pinterest is a hidden gem! My followers grew over 25% in one month after using this program. This is great for me because the demographic I seek are predominant on Pinterest. BoardBooster schedules your pins for you based off of the best times to post and improve pin quality by testing broken links. The plans are not expensive at all and you can try it for free! 


Google Drive

If you bounce around like me, it's not very convenient to tug along a huge hard drive or USB everywhere you go to make sure you have all your content with you. I downloaded the Google Drive application to all of my devices so I can access my graphic designs and content from anywhere. I can work on my laptop at home and run to the office and pick up where I left off on my desktop just by using this drive. Google gives you 15GB of storage for free! Much more space than Dropbox. I carry huge Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files and haven’t even used 10% of my space yet.

FireShot Capture 39 - Save & Search Website ScreenshotsI_ - https___evernote.com_products_webclipper.png


Evernote is similar to Google Drive but I utilize this for note taking. My ideas come to mind at random times (as most people) so it’s nice to have something on my phone to quickly jot down notes for my next blog post. Once I get to my computer, I can sign on to Evernote and continue working on my next scheduled post.

FireShot Capture 40 - Beautiful Free Images I Unsplash - https___unsplash.com_.png


My ultimate favorite free stock photography website. These images are free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. One of the most important things you can do for your website or social media is to have clean and beautiful images to make your online presence look professional. You can use these images as your background, banner, or callouts.



If you are like me, I can be a stickler with how things look and feel for my users when it comes to designing (even me for that case). I have been through 3 business card designs and still have copies of each because I would change it up before I can finish the last stack. Most of the time it was because I just wasn't 100% sold on the design. I like simple, clean and modern designs that can be used in any setting or networking event. A universal design is important: something you can use casually and professionally. Moo offers a wide variety of styles and paper for print!

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