FREE Weekly Planner Sheet + To-Do List

Thought I'd start the week off right with a little freebie!

I can be scatterbrained 99.99% of the time, so writing things out is important to me. Sure, it's easy to type up a list on the computer but there's nothing better than having a piece of paper with your notes laid out in front of you on your desk. 

Why weekly? It's easy to doodle and mess up sheets of paper over time and your list goes through a rough work week. It's nice to start with a clean new agenda the following Monday (instead of a month later). 

Plus - monthly calendars are useless. If you are hustlin', there is no way you are fitting your agenda in a small monthly block *rolls eyes*.

print it out and save them in your binder!

Hope you enjoy! I also included a bonus to-do list sheet for those you have an EXTRA load :) 

with love,

aylin marie