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Monday Inspiration: How might your life be better with less?

Minimizing doesn't mean go through every single item you own and start throwing things away like a crazy person. It's a journey and it does take time. But the point is to clean away the areas in your life where you feel weighed down or unhappy. Minimizing has made me feel lighter in many ways. It can be in your relationships, your clothes, your food, or your time. 

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Interview: Minimalism Lifestyle (Part 2)

I wouldn’t say a minimalist has to be a free spirit with a non-corporate job. The two guys who started The Minimalist blog were both in corporate America with 6-figure paying jobs. They started their journey after experiencing loss. It was about figuring out what makes them happy. And they realized it wasn’t something they could buy that would make them happy. So they did the opposite. 

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