Aylin Marie

front end engineer empowering teams with thoughtful design systems while specializing in accessibility

Based in Atlanta and building at Mailchimp (opens in a new tab). Formerly Banyan (opens in a new tab).


In 2017, I quit my job (after a year of self-teaching) and jumped into an immersive web development program at General Assembly to become a web developer.

I landed my first role as a front-end developer at a creative agency that focuses on social good companies in Atlanta. On the side, I continued to work with entrepreneurs to launch their digital presence on various platforms. There is nothing more exciting than watching people make their brand or project come to life. I know what it feels like to build and grow in a place of passion.

As I started developing more knowledge in my craft, I found a role that combined my love for both design and engineering. As a UX Engineer, I now work on building a design system for Mailchimp.

If I am not digging into code or designing for the web, you can find me knitting a new sweater or traveling to the other side of the world.


Engineering Lead - Design Systems


Scaling the Mailchimp design system with React components, design tokens, accessibility, and design guidelines. Working to soften the friction between engineering and design collaboration. I support product teams by onboarding them into our new design system and advise engineers during implementation. I have facilitated the onboarding of an accessibility platform to the company to test our system components and featured projects to remediate critical issues.

Web Developer


Created and maintained end-to-end web application development using Angular and Drupal for non-profits, businesses, and government entities. Clients included the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Independent Developer


Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs has been a passion of mine. I crafted brands and websites exclusively on Squarespace for a number of clients. As an independent front-end developer, I was also a Squarespace Circle Member growing my web design practice. I was featured on a Squarespace member story sharing my journey from accounting to web development. I've worked with them as a 2017 Portfolio Consultant during the A3C Conference and hosted Squarespace courses at General Assembly.