Invest in Your Creative Self

As I sit here counting down the seconds until I can leave my day job, my stomach clenches in knots from excitement and a little bit of anxiety. I made a fairly hefty monetary investment. Not in a new home or a new car. In a design course at a career school. Doesn't sound extraordinary, does it? We all went through school and paid our way for an education. But see - I'm 26 with two degrees (undergraduate and graduate), over three years of work experience... and I'm an accountant/financial consultant. Sooo here I am trying to start over in a field that has no correlation to a financial statement.

Yes - you aren't the only one.

After a year and some change of dibbling and dabbling in various creative "hobbies", I found that visual and digital design intrigued me. I went from knitting, sketching, painting, photography, web design (ding ding!), crafting, illustrating, woodworking (why?) to this.

Many of us (specifically millennials) are stuck in this rut of doing a job that we don't like; excelling in a career that makes us want to bang our heads against a wall; making our parents proud over a future that literally wants to make us gag. Why? Society. That is another topic on its own. But needless to say...

It's okay to break away and do what you find fulfilling or interesting or exciting. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. Invest in yourself creatively. What makes life fun for you? What makes life exciting? It's when we jump back into our childhood and find something to paint, fix, ride, or create. Some of us might quit our jobs (cuss out the manager while we are at it) and bounce to change our paths. Some of us pick up freelancing first. Some of us volunteer.

Whatever it is, you owe it to your self to try that one thing that has been eating at you from the moment you fell face forward into this "adult" life.