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Secret to Productivity: Learn How to Say "No"

I recently came across a case study done by King’s College in London on how “Overthinking Worriers are Probably Creative Geniuses“. As comical and true this might be, over thinking opportunities make it hard for us to just say “no”. We think any opportunity that allows us to create should have us screaming yes! But in many cases this isn’t true. What we don’t realize is that taking on too much will lack the quality of products we produce for the world.

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What I Didn't Expect in 2015

Every new year comes with a new wave of optimism. You have a list of goals that you wrote down in order to "succeed" in the new year. You know as long as you achieve what is on this list you will have everything you need. Then that 3 month goal turns into 2 years. That start-up business actually never started. And maybe you experience loss that threw you for a whirlwind and left you off track.

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