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How to Benefit from TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry

If you are finally jumping into the traveling groove, you have probably heard of some travel programs or seen signs in the airport pointing down a special path for frequent travelers and work travelers. So let's talk about the two most well-known programs that make airports just a little more bearable. The TSA Pre-Check program and Global Entry program are just a few ways to cut your time in customs or security check.

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Making the Most Out of Corporate Travel

Traveling for work isn't exciting as it sounds sometimes. It is nothing like leisure travel. Whether you're a consultant or flight attendant, life on the road can start to wear you out. You sleep in a hotel about 3-5 nights a week. You get fat from eating out every day. You forget how to cook. You start to pay rent for a place you barely sleep in. Oh and you blame traveling for being single because you're never in one place to even start a relationship. 

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DSLR Camera Basics for Travel

Words do no justice when it comes to sharing the experiences you have when traveling. For those caught up in wanderlust, you know exactly what I mean. Your pictures will tell a story, and I promise, it doesn’t take professional skills.  For those new to the DSLR world, I will share some simple concepts that helped me take the pictures I wanted (or at least understand what all that lingo meant on my camera).

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